Current UK Terrorism Threat Level: Substantial

About CN Security

We tailor dynamic security solutions across sectors for your peace of mind.

Over 40 Years of Experience

ISO9001 Quality Assured

SAFE Contractor Approved

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CN Security

Welcome to CN Security, a paramount division of The Constellation Group, dedicated to advancing security solutions beyond conventional boundaries. Our mission extends well into the craft of tailored security strategies, ensuring protection for businesses, communities, and events. Standing on the pillars of integrity, innovation, and dedication, CN Security exemplifies excellence in the security domain.

Our Philosophy

Security at CN Security is not merely a service; it’s a steadfast promise of safety and exceptional support. We envision a world where businesses flourish, communities thrive, and individuals live without fear.

Our People

The essence of CN Security lies within our personnel. Our seasoned professionals embody years of experience, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. From front-line officers to strategic planners, our team is unified in delivering exceptional service and professionalism. Through ongoing training and development, we ensure our personnel stay abreast of the latest security methodologies and are ready to meet the dynamic nature of threats.

Our Commitment

Our pledge to excellence is resolute. Understanding our clients’ profound trust in us, we consistently strive to surpass their expectations. Innovation lies at the core of our operations, driving us to seek out novel technologies and methods to amplify our services. We operate sustainably and ethically, ensuring our practices secure our clients and positively impact society and the environment.

Our Vision

CN Security aims to lead by example through our services and the values we uphold. We aim to broaden our impact by delivering our signature security solutions to more communities and industries. Our vision is clear: CN Security will be there to safeguard what’s most important wherever there’s a challenge.

Thank you for considering CN Security. We are your reliable ally if you’re looking to secure a construction site, manage a high-profile event, or enhance your business’s security framework.

Contact us today to explore how CN Security, under The Constellation Group, can provide peace of mind with unmatched security solutions.