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Proactive Response Leads to Significant Crime Prevention


CN Security’s mobile team’s vigilance and proactive response to suspicious activities led to an impressive feat in preventing a significant retail crime. The team’s keen observation skills, quick thinking, and effective collaboration with local store security and the police department thwarted a theft attempt, resulting in a total recovery of stolen goods worth £9821.50.

Incident Details:

While stationed outside Tesco’s Werrington store, the CN Security mobile team spotted two suspicious males exiting the premises. Dressed in bulky gilets, the duo immediately aroused the team’s suspicion. Following their instinct, the team contacted the in-store guard to review the surveillance footage while discreetly trailing the males. As the car pulled away, the store guard confirmed that the two men had stolen razors and toothbrush heads from the store. The team immediately contacted the police while following the car to its next destination; in a strategic move, one of the males pulled over the car and entered the shopping centre while the other drove the vehicle to a different location and proceeded towards the centre on foot.

When the males returned to the vehicle approximately 15 minutes later, the CN Security team took swift action. While one of the culprits managed to escape, they successfully detained the other until the police arrived. The apprehended suspect was found to possess toothbrush heads worth around £320.

The follow-up vehicle search revealed a stash of stolen goods, including a large quantity of printer ink, toothbrush heads, and razors. The total estimated value of the recovered goods was a whopping £9821.50. The suspect was promptly arrested, and the vehicle used to commit the crime was seized.

Follow-up Actions and Impact:

While awaiting the results of a Section 18 search requested by the Hertfordshire police, the team discovered that the same individuals had hit Bourne Superstore, making away with an estimated £1000 worth of goods. A failed attempt at Market Deeping was also traced back to them.

The incident reflects the effectiveness of CN Security’s proactive and diligent approach to preventing crime. Their keen eye for suspicious activity, prompt communication with store guards and law enforcement, and quick thinking led to recovering stolen goods worth nearly £10000. It also potentially saved other retail stores from future theft attempts, preserving retail revenue and public safety.

This case serves as a testament to CN Security’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of public spaces. Their professional approach not only aids in crime prevention but also strengthens their partnerships with local businesses and law enforcement agencies. It demonstrates the potential impact of effective security strategies and solid teamwork in tackling crime and creating safer communities.